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1World Sports Academy (1W1 Sports)

We are one of the top U.S high school/college recruiters for young basketball players looking for school scholarship opportunities from Africa, Europe, Russia, The Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia, or Romania,

We Are Involved In Many Areas Of Basketball

However, Our Primary Goal Is Help Kids Get An Education:


Our Goal Is To Help A Young Ball  Player Reach His/Her Dreams And Maybe One Day Appear In A Video Like Michael (Below), Or Develop His Level of Talent To Become The Best He Or She Can Be - Nothing Could Be Better For Us And If A Kid Never Have The Opportunity To Play Professional Basketball  Our Goal Is To Give Our Guys The Opportunity To Receive A Free Education Using Basketball!!! 

Could Be The Greatest Ever

Michael Jordan: Above & Beyond

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 Welcome to 1World Sports Recruiting Service 

Our recruiting service allows coaches/schools to see young athletes and become introduce to a players talents and abilities. 1World Sports directly recruits for about 40 schools in the U.S and Canada (That being about 28 Major Universities and 15 of the top high schools out the top 50 High School in the U.S/Plus schools in Canada). Because all 35 of our former/current players/coaches involved with 1World Sports - International have some type of NBA experience we have access to many many more top coaches and schools..

By helping you get the proper exposure, our ultimate goal is to help you fulfill your dream of possibly getting a scholarship or becoming a professional athlete. Also we carry a database of over 1300 schools/coaches that are constantly looking for athletes to help enhance their programs. If you're an athlete and feel you have what it takes to take your career to the next level, this is the service for you! We provide the exposure needed, all you have to do is perform!

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